We are now accepting patch tests for COVID-19 sterilization related products. Please contact us.

We are now accepting patch tests for COVID-19 sterilization related products.
Please contact us.

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Our lab specializes in patch tests, allergy tests,
and human skin tests


Patch Testing
The safety required for cosmetics

To provide reassurance to the consumer

Unlike “daily necessities” such as medical products and foods, cosmetics are considered to be “non-essentials”.
Without the rigorous regulations that medical products face, cosmetics require unquestionable safety and to be free from side effects.
These products directly affect the skin for long periods of time, so safety for the skin is vital.
Safety testing on the skin is not only an important element of selling cosmetics to consumers for all manufacturers, itis a matter of social responsibility.
This best safety test to achieve this is the patch testing that Maruishi Labo offers.

 Safety Test 

Patch testing
Human Patch testing
Open Patch testing
Cumulative skin irritation and sensitization test]
Safety use testing
Safety tests conducted by dermatologists and ophthalmologists Actual use safety test
Please inquire by email.  Your Maruishi rep will reply by email.
We will issue an estimate based on your inquiry.
Please send your samples and written request by post.
We will check the details.
Your testing will be conducted based on the written plan.
Once the test is complete, you will be contacted immediately.
Maruishi Labo will issue a report according to the test results,
and this will be sent to you by post along with the invoice.


from JAPAN

With accuracy and quicknes as our Missions


Our organization specializes in human skin tests and
our goal is to achieve the level of safety and credibility
our customers can rely on

At Maruishi Labo, we constantly strive to improve our daily techniques and dependability in order to flexibly meet the diverse demands of the R&D and safety teams of our clients.
We conduct human patch tests for all products from medications to quasi-medicine products, perfumes and cosmetics, textiles, and medical equipment. Our qualified researchers, seasoned after many safety tests, conduct human skin tests and delivery the results safely, accurately,and quickly.


We accept patch tests
for antiviral products.

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